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Domestic Violence: The Untold Holiday Story

The holidays are a time when domestic violence is more common than usual, spurred on by alcohol, stress and proximity. However, while a great deal of attention is focused on preventing domestic violence and punishing those who commit these crimes, less attention is paid to the problem of false or exaggerated accusations against family members, especially at this time of year.

It is difficult to talk about false accusations of domestic violence because the law rightly errs on the side of caution in allowing victims leeway and encouraging them to report DV incidents. However, for a very small percentage of people, this is an opportunity to get revenge on a partner or stir up trouble by misusing the power of the legal system.

What Percentage of DV Reports are False?

There is no way to know for sure exactly how many false DV reports have been made. However, various men’s groups claim that as many as 80 percent of reports of domestic violence are false or exaggerated. This claim is based on the fact that so many states have broadened their definitions of what constitutes domestic violence that almost anything that is reported is taken as the basis for an arrest, even without a great deal of evidence to back it up.

The fact remains that, even if only one person is falsely accused of domestic violence, it waters down the impact that true DV reports have and makes people less likely to believe the real victims. Therefore, it is very important that those who are falsely accused of domestic violence quickly and decisively deal with these accusations not only for their own sake but also for that of others who are falsely accused and the real victims who may later be affected.

What Can A False DV Accusation Do?

Unfortunately, a false accusation of domestic violence can result in serious consequences for the person who is accused. DV accusations can affect a person’s work life and relationships with other family members and friends as well as the person’s self-esteem. These effects may be understandable when the person is guilty, but when he or she is innocent it is unfair for the accused person to suffer.

Amerio Law attorneys represent those who are accused of domestic violence. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, those accused of these crimes may be able to formulate a strong defense to the charges.

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