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Gang Members Targeted in Meth Sweep

Four alleged gang members were arrested as part of a multi-agency sweep in West Sacramento, according to recent reports. Local and state police targeted a home where drug and other criminal activity was alleged to have taken place in a type of undercover operation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved as part of its Operation Fair Play series of busts targeting drug operations and gang activity.

However, not everyone in the neighborhood was convinced that the police had the right men. One neighbor, when asked by reporters about a man who was leaving his home in handcuffs, stated that the man was a “family man” who “works and everything,” stating that he had never seen cops in the home before.

Richard Mancha, Richard Posada, Ricardo Garza and Robert Sanchez were all arrested on suspicion of selling methamphetamines and other criminal gang-related activities.

Gang Activity is A Huge Problem In the United States

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are approximately 33,000 active gangs comprising 1.4 million members nationwide. Incredibly, if these figures are correct, nearly one-half of one percent all people in the United States belong to some form of a gang.

Gangs are not simply neighborhood threats. They account for a great deal of the drug trafficking, human smuggling and other violent crimes that occur in the United States, particularly in border areas.

California gangs, particularly in the southern part of the state, have been linked to a great deal of international drug crimes and other violent activity. Therefore, it is very important to attack the problem by targeting known gang members. Taking out gangs could have an exponential effect in terms of reducing crime.

What If Those Arrested Are Not Gang Members?

However, that does not mean that the police can just begin arresting people at random for gang activity. In fact, gangs are notorious for sticking together and pinning their crimes on others. Sometimes innocent people are accused by gang members of crimes in order to take the spotlight off their activities. It is not beyond the realm of imagination that the police could be fooled into arresting the wrong people if they rely on information from gang informants.

If you have been accused of any type of gang activity, it is important that you protect your rights. A criminal defense attorney such as those at Amerio Law in Sacramento may be able to help you.

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