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Two Women Injured in Roseville Head-On Crash

Two women were reported injured but are expected to recover as the result of a head-on crash in Roseville, according to recent reports. The airbags in both cars deployed and both vehicles sustained significant damage. Officials believe that one car hit the guardrail near an overpass before hitting the other vehicle. The crash occurred on Washington Boulevard near Pleasant Grove Boulevard. The two victims were said to be a woman in her 30s and one in her 60s, but were not identified by police. There is no word on who may have been at fault in the accident at this point.

Head-On Crashes Often Deadly

Head-on crashes are among the most deadly type of automobile accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, head-on crashes accounted for 3,914 fatalities in 2008, or 26 percent of all fatal crashes. However, head-on crashes are one of the least common types of car accidents; therefore, victims stand a much higher chance of being killed in a head-on crash than in other types of crashes.

Fortunately, the use of safety restraints and air bags have cut down on the number of fatalities from head-on collisions in the last decade. Head-on accidents at high rates of speed may still result in fatalities, but the number of deaths from head-on collisions has been cut nearly in half since 1998, when 6,684 people died as a result of these types of accidents.

Fault in Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions sometimes require professional investigative skills to unravel who is truly at fault in the crash. This is because those who are faced with an oncoming car often engage in evasive behaviors that may look to the untrained eye as if a driver was at fault when, in fact, the other driver actually caused the accident.

For example, if the driver of car A is in the proper lane and suddenly sees car B coming at a fast rate of speed head-on, driver A may swerve into the opposite lane to avoid the crash. If driver B then swerves back into the proper lane, hitting driver A, it may appear as if driver A was responsible for the crash. However, in this case, driver B was actually at fault.

If you have been the victim of a head-on collision, be sure to protect your rights. Speak to a personal injury attorney like those at Amerio Law Firm immediately.

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