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No Legal Crackdown on Marijuana DUI

Recent reports have revealed that California lawmakers are not planning a crackdown on drivers who have evidence of marijuana in their systems.

While 20 bills have been introduced that relate to marijuana regulation, for the first time in three years lawmakers will not be introducing any bills related to marijuana use and driving. 2013 saw the introduction of AB 2500 by Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley). The bill, if passed into law, would have placed the legal limit of THC in the system at 2 nanograms per milliliter.

The bill did not make it out of committee. One leading cause of the bill’s failure last year is that opponents say that THC can remain in the blood for several days after marijuana use. While the driver may not be experiencing the effects of THC, it may still be in the blood. Other evidence has also helped to kill such bills, such as California NORML’s report that the number of fatal accidents in California has dropped even though the number of individuals using marijuana is higher. They proposed a roadside test as opposed to a chemical test to determine driver impairment.

Though this evidence is compelling, many are still against the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. According to one report, Sen. Dianne Feinstein stated that “the risk of people using marijuana and driving is very substantial.” Both Feinstein and California Gov. Jerry Brown are vocally skeptical of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

Marijuana DUI Defense in California

Despite marijuana being legal for certain users, it is not legal to drive or operate a vehicle while under the effects of the drug. Similarly to drunk drivers, those who are impaired by THC can cause accidents which can lead to property damage, injury and even death. Because of this, the penalties for impaired driving are harsh and include fines, license suspension and even jail time.

If you are facing a drugged driving charge, you must act quickly to begin building your defense. The experienced defense attorneys at Amerio Law Firm are extremely knowledgeable in defending those facing drug charges, including driving while impaired by THC. As the laws on the use of marijuana continue to evolve, it is important to have an attorney on your side who keeps up with the changes. Despite your arrest, you may have a good chance to address the charges and possibly reduce them or have them dismissed. To ensure your best chance at a positive outcome, call the team at Amerio Law Firm today.

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