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What to Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a life altering decision that can strongly affect you for many years to come. Filing for bankruptcy can seem scary, intimidating and stressful for you and your loved ones. Calling Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento can help you immensely throughout the process. Because Bankruptcy can negatively alter you and your family financially, there are many aspects of it that should be taken into account when you are considering filing.

Do your research and learn about your options. At Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento, our bankruptcy specialist attorneys can help walk you through your options of the different types of bankruptcy. The most common forms of bankruptcy in the United States are chapter 7 and chapter 13. You will want to learn which one is best to suit you and your family’s needs and lifestyle. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can abolish many of your debts within a three to six month period. The unfortunate downside is that it’s possible you can lose some of your personal property throughout the process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is much more complicated than chapter 7. With chapter 13, you will need to begin a 3-5 year repayment plan that is based off of your income. The bankruptcy attorneys at Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento can help you figure out the best option for your individual situation.

Consider alternative options. If you want to discuss your options for filing bankruptcy, please call us at (916) 419-1111. At Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento, we find that many unnecessary bankruptcies are filed every year, situations that could have been avoided with our free bankruptcy analysis. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can sit down with you and your financial documents in order to determine the best way to move forward and achieve financial freedom. It can be possible that with a few simple lifestyle changes, you may be able to fix your financial woes. However, if bankruptcy is the right decision for you and your financial independence, we can help you throughout the entire process. The bankruptcy specialists at Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento can help you sort through the income requirements of Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy to see if you are eligible for the type of bankruptcy you wish to file for.

Understand that your personal life may be invaded. Unfortunately, bankruptcies can be incredibly intrusive into your personal life and your family’s life, too. This can affect you and your family in a negative way. In order to file successfully for your bankruptcy, you will need to provide every single aspect of your financial life, no exceptions. At Amerio Law Firm, we can help you prepare in the best way possible for your bankruptcy filing. Our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys will help you fill out the proper legal forms, prepare you mentally for what is to come next, keep you one step ahead of the game and help you get the best results out of your bankruptcy. The attorneys of Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento understand the bankruptcy process with years of bankruptcy experience under their belts. We want to help you achieve financial freedom.

(916) 419-1111 today so we can help you consider these aspects of bankruptcy and decide if bankruptcy is the right choice for you!

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