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Teens Die In Vacaville Crash

Two teens are dead and others are fighting for life in the hospital after a crash on Pleasant Valley Road in Vacaville. One 16-year-old died during surgery immediately following the crash, while the 19-year-old driver was ejected and died at the scene. Five teens were ejected from the truck following a rollover. While the California [...]

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Sutter County Crash Kills One

A Colusa woman died in a crash at the intersection of O'Banion Road and Highway 99, according to the California Highway Patrol's recent report. The deadly accident, which happened just south of Yuba City, shut down the Highway for about two hours and resulted in the hospitalization of three people as well as the death [...]

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How To Win A Personal Injury Lawsuit

With the advent of 24-hour news channels and social media, some of the strangest things have begun to make the rounds of popular culture. One of these is the inordinate importance placed on personal injury verdicts. It seems like every time you turn on the television or look at Facebook, you are seeing a story [...]

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My Hero! Teen Meets Man Who Rescued Her After Accident

A teenaged girl was able to meet the man who may have saved her life after a crash on Highway 50. Mattie Alleva was traveling back from snowboarding with a friend when they hit a snowstorm and lost control of the vehicle near Strawberry. Luckily, El Dorado County investigator Dave Stevenson happened upon the scene [...]

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How Facebook Is Changing Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured in an accident, the last thing you may be thinking of is your social media use. However, what you post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms can have a direct impact on a personal injury case. According to the attorneys at Amerio Law in Roseville, one of the [...]

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The Holiday Accident No One Wants To Have

A holiday traffic accident can put a serious crimp in the fun of the season.  No one wants to have an accident during this time of year, but for those who do, it is important to protect their rights and recover damages from the person responsible for the wreck. Types of Traffic Accidents and Statistics [...]

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Wrongful Death: The Most Serious Cases Of All

They are the cases no one ever wants.  They are the types of losses everyone prays they will avoid.  However, each year, thousands of families face the unthinkable:  the loss of a loved one due to an accident caused by someone else's negligence. If you have lost a loved one due to an accident, you [...]

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What Constitutes A Personal Injury?

You may have heard the term "personal injury" used, but what does that term really mean?  You may be surprised to learn some of the things that constitute personal injury and for which you may be able to collect damages.  In order to assess your personal injury case, it is important that you talk to [...]

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