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Roseville Brain Hematoma Lawyer

If you or a loved one are suffering from a brain hematoma because of someone else’s actions, the Sacramento brain hematoma lawyers of Amerio Law Firm are ready to help you. A brain hematoma is a collection of blood outside the brain which is usually caused by severe head injuries. This accumulation of blood usually increases pressure on the brain, which can be life-threatening. Even a minor brain hematoma can make normal life difficult because of the debilitating pain. At Amerio Law Firm, our Roseville brain hematoma attorneys are ready to fight and protect you and your loved ones. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve by conducting a thorough investigation of what happened, determining the parties who could be liable for this tragedy, and putting your interests first.

The effects of a brain hematoma can last a lifetime. You or a loved one may lose out on the quality of life you deserve because of someone else’s reckless actions. If this has happened to you or a loved one, contact a lawyer at Amerio Law Firm today to discuss your legal options. Our attorneys can help get you the best compensation possible. We are always ready to help fight for your rights. Call us today at (916) 419-1111, chat with us on our website, or fill out a contact form now.

Why Choose Us?

The attorneys at Amerio Law Firm are here to provide you with compassionate and experienced legal guidance during this tragic time in your life. Brain hematomas are serious injuries that can lead to life-threatening results. We understand the gravity of the situation and how devastating it can be for you. Our top priority is making sure you get the full and fair compensation you deserve.

For over ten years, our attorneys have been representing clients all across California. We are a top-tier law firm whose reputation speaks for itself. From a $1 million confidential settlement to a $300K pedestrian injury settlement, no lawsuit is too big or too small for our skilled legal team to handle. Call us today to see why so many others chose us during their time of need. We’re here for you, and our team is ready to fight for you.

Main Classifications of Hematomas

Hematomas are often described by their location. There are many types of brain hematomas, but the main classifications are:

  • Subdural Hematoma – This type of hematoma occurs because of rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Injuries to the veins cause slow bleeding that begins to pool between the brain and the outermost covering. Because of its gradual process, there may not be any immediate symptoms. However, subdural hematomas often lead to chronic symptoms that are usually only recognized by a doctor.
  • Epidural Hematoma – An epidural hematoma is when bleeding occurs between the outer membrane covering the brain and the skull. Because of our anatomy, even small epidural hematomas can cause significant pressure and brain injury, which can be fatal.
  • Intracerebral Hematoma – This happens when someone sustains a head injury, and blood accumulates in the brain. Intracerebral hematomas can be caused by trauma, uncontrolled high blood pressure, an aneurysm, or stroke.

Brain hematomas, no matter how big or small, can cause serious damage. You will need serious medical attention to go back to living your life to the fullest. At Amerio Law Firm, we can handle cases related to every type of brain hematoma, no matter the cause.

Symptoms of a Brain Hematoma

Symptoms of hematomas will vary depending on the location of the injury. Some common symptoms include:

  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Pain and redness
  • Confusion
  • Speech difficulties
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Severe headache

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a brain hematoma. Contact a doctor right away after any head injury in order to start getting the medical attention you need. As you pursue treatment, keep records of your expenses, and get in touch with a lawyer from Amerio Law Firm as soon as you are able. We can help you get compensation for those, and other expenses.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain hematoma because of an accident, you might be overwhelmed by the situation. From the high costs of medical bills to the emotional rollercoaster of handling this tragedy, you may not know who to go to for help. Fear not, because our brain injury lawyers are here and ready to help you through this trying time. Contact an attorney at Amerio Law Firm today. Call us at (916) 419-1111 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team now.

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