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Close to 1 Million Trek Bicycles Recalled

Bicycle Accident Attorney RosevilleAfter three reported serious incidents that have occurred, one of which a Trek bicycle rider was even left paralyzed, Trek has issued a recall of almost one million bicycles across not only the U.S. but Canada as well. According to an article in Time Magazine, the Trek bicycles in question contain faulty release levers that could seriously injure bikers and even other drivers sharing the road. These three prior mentioned incidents are all that have been reported so far. From these described bicycle accidents, the Trek bike problem lies in its front quick release lever. Allegedly, these Trek Model release levels are getting caught in the front disk brake, effectively separating the front wheel. This unfortunately leads to an abrupt stop or total loss of control of the bicycle.

Front Quick Release Levers May Be Faulty - At this time, Trek has issued a recall for 900,000 bicycles in the U.S. and 98,000 in Canada. According to Trek, “any bicycle equipped with disc brakes and a front quick release lever that can open 180 degrees and contact the disk brake assembly is affected by this safety recall”. They also advise that you take your bike to a local Trek retailer for a free inspection if you are not sure if your bike is party of the faulty line. If you find out your bike has been recalled, Trek is providing owners of these faulty bikes with installation of a new release lever in addition to a $20 coupon.

Bicycle Rider Paralyzed by Faulty Trek Mountain Bike - Many accidents have been reported. These personal injury accidents include riders suffering from fractured wrists, facial injuries, and even more severe accidents such as quadriplegia. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising that consumers discontinue using these bicycles immediately. Unfortunately, research shows that these impacted bicycles were made anywhere between the years 2000 and 2015. It is extremely important to check your bikes as soon as you possibly can.

Injuries due to faulty products - It is great news to hear that Trek took action to issue a safety recall and are being proactive in replacing these dangerous and defective front quick release levers. Unfortunately, the $20 coupon had proved incredibly controversial. To many, it has come off as an insult. A pathetic, “We are sorry we’ve been endangering lives of you and your loved ones for the past 15 years, but hey, here’s a $20 coupon for more of our products” just isn’t cutting it for most people.

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