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FedEx Truck Did Not Brake Before Crash With Bus

New reports from the horrific bus crash that killed 10 people in Orland near Roseville last week indicate that the FedEx truck that slammed into the bus may have been on fire before the crash. Investigators believe that the bus did not brake as it raced across the 58-foot median and into traffic. There were no tire marks or any other indications that the driver tried to slow down as the vehicle crossed from the southbound to the northbound side of Interstate 5.

The truck struck a car first. The Nissan Altima had just passed the bus and was ahead of it when the truck appeared going the wrong way in the northbound lanes. Tire marks indicate that the bus tried to brake for 145 feet before the tractor trailer smashed into it. The bus was a new 2014 vehicle and had been in service for only a month before the crash. It was equipped with an electronic monitor to record information as well as three-point safety harnesses for the driver and passengers.

The black box recording device was recovered from the bus, but the damage to the FedEx truck was too great to allow the record to be recovered. Witness have stated that they saw the FedEx truck on fire and burning before it crossed the median and hit the Altima. The driver of the Altima also stated that there were flames coming from the truck cab prior to the crash.

The NTSB believes the investigation could take three months or longer as they examine the wreckage to determine how fast the truck was going, if there were any mechanical failures with the truck or if the driver may have committed some type of error that resulted in the crash.

Five students, three adult chaperones, the bus driver and the FedEx driver all died in the crash. Blood samples were taken from both drivers and will be analyzed for alcohol or drugs.

This terrible tragedy should remind us that accidents can happen to any of us at any time. It is very important to protect your rights if you are the victim of an accident caused by someone else's negligence.

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