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Personal Injury FAQ

How can I afford to pay an Injury attorney?

You pay NOTHING unless we win your case!  Once a settlement  is received , the fees will be subtracted from the overall settlement monies received, so you pay nothing out of your pocket.

Roseville Personal Injury Attorney

There are many law firms to choose from, and most of them charge the same fees.  Why should I choose Amerio Law Firm?

The attorneys at Amerio Law are experienced, aggressive, and compassionate.   All members of the personal injury department have years of experience and not intimated by the insurance companies.  In fact, the insurance companies know the Amerio Law attorneys are up for a good fight in Court and will not settle for the first offer.  We at Amerio Law feel that getting you feeling better comes first and will assist in obtaining the best possible medical treatment before we even think about settlement.  This client care and compassion is what sets the Amerio Law team apart from any other law firm in the area.  The Amerio Law team will exhaust all possibilities to assist in getting an injured client the care they need and to settle your case for the highest amount possible for your injuries.

Roseville Personal Injury Attorney

Are there any other costs associated with my case?

Additional costs, which are fronted by the law office, associated with the case are the responsibility of the client if the client receives a money settlement.  Those costs will be subtracted from the total settlement amount received to reimburse the law firm.

How do I pay fees or costs if the law firm is unable to recover any money on my behalf?

You pay nothing if you receive no monetary settlement.

personal injury attorneys faqHow much can I expect to receive from my case?

This question is impossible to answer.  What we can tell you is that we will obtain the highest possible settlement under your set of circumstances.  There are many factors to consider when settling or litigating your case.  Some general factors that affect an injury settlement include:  extent of injury, medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and liability.  Our primary goal in any case is to get our clients back to the position they were in before the accident occurred by way of medical treatment.  If the client has permanent injuries, we will get monetary damages to compensate for future medicals, lost wages or loss of enjoyment of life.

What if I can’t afford medical treatment or don’t have health insurance?

In some cases, we are able to make referrals to medical professionals who may offer services on a “lien basis”, which means you won’t have to pay anything up front to receive treatment.  In the end, we will work to get your medical bills paid out of your settlement.

Can I represent myself in an injury case?

This is NEVER recommended for a number of reasons.   Various studies show that an attorney can often recover a much higher settlement amount than a person who is not represented by an attorney.  Additionally, our experienced attorneys have the ability to properly handle your case in a manner that will lead to the maximum recovery in your case.  In some cases, we can negotiate your medical liens down, in order to increase the amount of money in your pocket.  Most importantly, insurance companies ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND and are extremely difficult to deal with.  Insurance adjusters have quotas to keep the amount of money they pay out as low as possible.  Their main goal is to give you a little bit of cash and make you sign a release as quickly as possible.  They have no interest in exploring the extent of your injuries or compensating you accordingly.  Don’t face these behemoth companies on your own!

How long will my case last?

This is impossible to predict.  There are many factors that can affect the length of a case, including things such as the progress of your medical care and treatment, and the actions of the other parties in the case.  Although not common, it is also not unheard of for cases to be resolved as much as three years or more, especially if the case requires litigation and/or trial.

Will the Insurance Company pay settlement money willingly?

INSURANCE COMPANIES DO NOT PAY MONEY WILLINGLY. An insurance adjuster has the job of settling cases and paying out as little money as possible.  That said, even when there is clear and convincing evidence in your favor, we still have to fight to get money.  Even if it’s your own policy we will be dealing with, the adjuster will have the same mindset of trying to minimize the payout.

Can you predict what will happen in my case?

We cannot predict or promise what will happen in your case.  The only thing we can promise is that we will do the best job we can for you. We cannot guarantee or promise anything about how your case will turn out or how much money, if any, you will receive. During the course of the case we may offer our opinions on various topics, but you need to understand that these are matters of opinion and are, by no means, guarantees.

Is it possible that I receive a settlement, but receive no money in my pocket?

This is unlikely, but it is possible. Depending on several factors, there may be little or no money left for you after fees and costs are paid.  This is particularly the case if third parties have asserted liens against your share after fees and costs are paid. We have the right to be paid our fees and reimbursed for costs we have paid in advance.  In rare circumstances, this means there will be no money left for you. However, it is always our goal to put money in your pocket to maximize your net settlement.  Additionally, you have the right to consent to any settlement of the case.

If a lawsuit is filed, how much will we be suing for?

The law does not require us to state a specific dollar amount when we file a lawsuit, and we typically do not do so. There are many different factors that can, and will, affect your recovery. If someone else is responsible for, at least a portion of your accident, the law allows you to receive economic damages such as medical expenses, time off work, and other out-of-pocket expenses. You are also entitled to non-economic damages for the effect on your quality of life. The law provides that there is no formula or "fixed standard" for calculating non-economic damages. This makes prediction impossible, especially this early in the process. When we have obtained enough information to evaluate settlement, we will communicate with you and give you our opinions regarding settlements or potential litigation.

Can I get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses?

Yes.  YOU CAN BE REIMBURSED FOR INJURY RELATED EXPENSES. You must keep a receipt, proof of payment, you must inform us of these expenses, and provide documentation. It’s best to keep a file with invoices or receipts for any expenses related to your injury and forward a copy of the file to our office.  Some examples are prescription co-pays, neoprene brace, shower seat, or medical supplies.

Do I have to pay my health insurance back for the charges that they paid?

Typically, the answer is YES. Most health plan contracts (including Kaiser) contain a provision for repayment when recovery is made against someone else. However, we can often work with your plan to try to reduce your obligation, thus increasing your net recovery.