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The Holiday Accident No One Wants To Have

A holiday traffic accident can put a serious crimp in the fun of the season.  No one wants to have an accident during this time of year, but for those who do, it is important to protect their rights and recover damages from the person responsible for the wreck.

Types of Traffic Accidents and Statistics

There are several types of traffic accidents that are common during the holidays, including:

  • Car accidents.  Roseville County saw 105 fatal car accidents in 2011, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System operated by the California Highway Patrol, as well as 6,511 injury accidents.  Of these crashes, 41 of the fatalities and 669 of the injuries involved alcohol in some way.
  • Pedestrian accidents.  According to SWIRTS, there were 29 pedestrian fatalities and 375 injuries in 2011 in Roseville County.
  • Bicycle accidents.  There were 10 bicycle fatalities and 546 injuries in Roseville in 2011.
  • Motorcycle accidents.  Roseville County had 12 motorcycle fatalities and 421 injuries in 2011, according to SWIRTS.

Although car accidents cause far more injuries and accidents than other modes of conveyance, there are also more cars on the road than bicycles or motorcycles.  Therefore, it is a mistake to look at these numbers and draw the conclusion that bicycle riders, pedestrians or motorcycle riders are at lower risk for death or injury than those in cars.

What Can I Do If I Am Involved In A Holiday Crash?

If you have been involved in an accident of any type, it is important to ensure that your medical bills are paid as well as your other expenses.  You may also be entitled to payment of compensation for your pain, suffering and emotional trauma.

In order to collect these payments, many people turn for help to a personal injury attorney.  An attorney who has experience dealing with personal injury cases understands the way that these cases progress and how to deal with insurance companies, defense attorneys and others who may stall the payment of compensation to the victim.

Amerio Law attorneys may be able to help the victims of a car accident, bicycle crash, pedestrian collision or motorcycle accident collect compensation for injuries.  Amerio Law attorneys also represent the families of victims who die in traffic accidents through wrongful death lawsuits.  With the help of an Amerio Law personal injury attorney, victims and their families may be able to recover compensation for all types of losses.

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