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Roseville Mass Tort Lawyers

Major drug companies have paid out more than $10 billion in damages to citizens in recent years because of lies, defects, and harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical companies in the USA are allowed to advertise their products directly to the public creating major competition and drive for profit pushes these companies to put products to the market that are in no way fit for public consumption. When you’ve been injured, your life and livelihood could be on the line. There’s good news: you aren’t alone. The scope and distribution of these drugs often means that several hundred, if not thousands of others just like you have also fallen victim. This creates a unique legal situation that requires personal injury lawyers experienced in handling mass tort cases against major companies.

We are Roseville mass tort lawyers with a focus in dangerous pharmaceuticals lawsuits. Our knowledge of the science behind the drugs, the medical industry, and the court system means we know what a court is likely to award you, and therefore, know exactly how to negotiate with the big pharma corporations.

What our mass tort legal team can do for you

Mass tort cases are different than regular personal injury since a large group of independent plaintiffs will likely be lumped together against one defendant. This is due to all of the defendants suffering from roughly the same circumstances. Our legal team is experienced in pharmaceutical suits, so we know what it takes to get what is rightfully owed to you. At Amerio Law Firm, we have a history of winning settlements for clients that include:

● Medical bills
● Pain and suffering
● Reimbursement for lost time at work
● Any effect on future earnings
● Loss of enjoyment in life
● Effect on relationships
● And even punitive damages if possible (damages awarded to punish the drug companies)

Since you will be just one defendant amongst hundreds or thousands, you need a lawyer that can help make sure your specific needs are met and not just one who settles for whatever the company wants.

How we can beat the big pharma companies

Sadly, these corporations have probably been here before. Sometimes they’ve made an honest mistake (we all do), but sometimes they’ve been outright negligent. Either way, thousands of patients in need of lifesaving medicine have been betrayed. We won’t let them avoid justice. Our team of lawyers will compile the evidence, speak to the right people, analyze all legal documentation, find expert witnesses, and present your case convincingly, helping to prove:

● Defective manufacturing
● Harmful side effects
● False marketing practices
● And other negligent behavior by the companies

Mass Tort FAQs

What is a common defense that pharmaceutical companies use in mass tort cases?

One common legal defense employed by large corporations in order to avoid paying you the settlement you deserve is the “learned-intermediary doctrine.” If states adhere to this legal doctrine, placing liability on the pharmaceutical company is more difficult. In these states, which include California, you must prove two things. First, you must prove that the drug manufacturer failed to provide adequate warning about the side effects of a particular drug to your doctor. However, the legal battle does not stop there. Second, you must prove that your doctor would not have prescribed the medicine in question to you if they had been properly warned.

Are mass tort cases typically resolved quickly?

Unfortunately, mass tort claims are some of the most complex dealt with by legal professionals. For starters, mass torts involve multiple plaintiffs and defendants. This complexity means more lawyers and legal paperwork than a traditional case. Several components of a mass tort case lengthen the legal battle. Collection of evidence, while required for all cases, is especially burdensome in cases involving several people’s medical records and other documentation. Hundreds of hours typically go into the organization of medical and company documents. Mass tort cases last longer than their non-mass tort counterparts do, but the payoff can be substantial for the plaintiffs.

How is your compensation determined in a mass tort?

The type of mass tort case determines the level of compensation awarded to an individual plaintiff. A class action lawsuit, often portrayed in the media as an easy way to be paid, will typically result in smaller payouts to any one plaintiff. This is the case because the settlement is divided among all the plaintiffs, which could number in the hundreds. In a non-class action mass tort case, however, each individual is treated as if they had brought their own personal injury lawsuit. This approach may result in a larger payout for you after an accident.

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With our years of specialization fighting dangerous pharmaceutical lawsuits in court, we know exactly what it takes to win you a settlement. When the insurance companies see that you have us in your corner, they will want to settle. Contact Amerio Law Firm immediately for a free consultation, and get a legal team that will help your case stand out from the crowd.

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