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 Roseville Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

If your loved one is currently living in a nursing home and you believe they are suffering from negligence, we want you to know you aren’t alone. Because these cases can often go on for months without anyone noticing and can even catch family members off guard, you may feel helpless and unsure of how to react. At Amerio Law Firm, our team of experienced  Roseville nursing home negligence lawyers is committed to helping neglect victims hold nursing homes and nursing home employees responsible.

When the time comes to move your loved one into a nursing home, assisted living, or long-term care facility, you may spend hours researching your various options. And whether you are moving a parent or grandparent long distance or down the street, the level of care they will receive and the quality of their permanent living situation is critical, not only to them but everyone else in the family as well. In many cases, the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home can be complicated. You expect that their needs will be taken care of and that they will be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion at all times.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. And no matter how much you trust the facility and nursing professionals who make up the staff, nursing home abuse due to negligence is a frequent occurrence across the country. Sadly, because of their age and physical or mental state, nursing home residents are victims of negligence far too often. With close to 1.5 million nursing home residents across the country, a significant portion of them will experience some form of neglect over the duration of their stay. Nursing home negligence is similar to abuse in many ways, but they are not quite the same. While abuse covers actions with the intent to cause harm, negligence includes all actions where a breach of duty or sub-par care results in serious injury to a patient.

We at Amerio Law Firm know that this is a difficult time for your family. If you believe that a loved one has been the victim of nursing home negligence, you should learn more about your legal rights and options. Contact us today at (916) 419-1111 and schedule a free consultation.

Common Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Negligence is any action or series of actions that willfully fails to provide the necessary and adequate care to keep a nursing home resident free from physical or mental harm. Because many acts of negligence don’t appear to be inherently evil or malicious, nursing home negligence can go on for a long time before the victim reports it or noticed by family members. Nursing home negligence can vary across facilities, but some of the most common types of negligence include the following:

  • Personal hygiene negligence: Residents do not receive adequate and consistent assistance with bathing, brushing their teeth, grooming, doing laundry, or any other form of hygiene.
  • Emotional neglect: Elderly residents are ignored or left alone, depriving them of crucial social interactions with other residents or staff.
  • Neglect of basic needs: Nursing home residents don’t receive food, water, medication, and other items necessary to everyday life.
  • Lack of medical attention: Nursing home employees and nurses do not provide proper medical care, leading to bed sores, lack of mobility, and other illnesses that could threaten the residents’ well-being.

These types of abuse can have serious repercussions that affect your loved one’s physical and emotional state. Discovering the serious neglect, your loved one is suffering on a daily basis can be devastating. That’s why you need a nursing home negligence lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases and the legal system to stand by your side every step of the way.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

For many cases of nursing home negligence, the responsibility falls on the family members to see warning signs and symptoms. And while some signs of neglect are easy to spot, many cases go unreported for months or even years, putting your loved one at risk of debilitating conditions and even death. There may be physical signs of neglect, but other indicators manifest themselves through a resident’s personality changes and emotional state. Some common symptoms of nursing home negligence include the following:

  • Bedsores
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Bruises, broken bones, or other injuries from falls
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Changes in behavior and mood
  • Downgrade in personal hygiene and overall appearance
  • Acting depressed, withdrawn, or aloof toward residents and staff

Noticing changes in behavior or appearance may be easier to do for family members who live close to the nursing home and see their loved ones on a regular basis. If you live far away, some nursing home nurses and staff may try and convince you that the changes in appearance or behavior are common or blown out of proportion. It’s important to do everything possible to visit your loved ones in nursing homes as much as possible and to listen to them if they complain of strange behavior or signs of neglect from staff. In most cases, family members play a critical role in taking action and holding these irresponsible and negligent nursing home employees liable.

Contact Us Today

Realizing your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse due to negligent nurses or employees can be devastating. Not only is it incredibly tough on your loved one, but it can also leave family members with an inordinate amount of guilt for moving them into the facility at all. At Amerio Law Firm, we take pride in helping the victims of nursing home negligence take back their lives and hold liable parties responsible. To speak with a caring and compassionate legal representative about your options, contact the Roseville nursing home negligence attorneys of Amerio Law Firm today by calling us at (916) 419-1111 or filling out an online form.

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