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 Roseville Nursing Home Physical Abuse Attorneys

Physical abuse is far more common in our country’s nursing homes than we’d like to admit, and many cases end up going unreported each year. If you suspect that your family member is facing abuse at the hands of their caretaker, it’s of the utmost importance that you contact the authorities and then an attorney to put an end to any possible abuse. Our elders are an extremely vulnerable class of individuals, and they are an easy target for people looking to take advantage of others. Unfortunately, due to memory problems and an array of physical issues that can mask the signs of physical abuse, it can be extremely difficult to notice that your loved one is being abused.

These types of cases are challenging to pursue for the same reason that abuse is difficult to detect in the first place, but the Amerio Law Firm is up to the task. Our nursing home abuse lawyers in Roseville have the experience necessary to hold the responsible parties accountable and deliver justice on behalf of your loved one. We will stand up for your family, and we will seek the maximum amount of compensation available to ensure that the victim can relocate and get the care they need and that the parties responsible pay dearly for the mistreatment. Don’t wait another minute to get the legal help you need. Contact Amerio Law Firm at (916) 419-1111 to put an end to the abuse.

Why Choose Us?

One word stands out among all of our testimonials: compassionate. We understand that if your loved one is facing abuse at the hands of their caretaker, this quality will be incredibly important in gathering evidence while treating you and your loved ones with the respect you need. On the other hand, we’re incredibly fierce in the courtroom, which is a difficult balance to strike. Our team has perfected this balance. We have the experience you need and the passion you deserve.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an attorney at all, you should remember that a nursing home will be ruthless in protecting its profits and image. They’ll combat your accusations with their own team of attorneys—you’ll quickly find that their goal is not to protect your loved one like they vowed they would when you hired them, but that they want to make the problem go away with as little profit loss as possible. With our team of experienced nursing home abuse attorneys on your side, we will work hard to make sure that justice is served.

Spotting Physical Abuse

As we’ve mentioned, spotting signs of physical abuse on your loved one can be extremely difficult for a number of reasons. For one, if your family member has any form of memory loss, it’s quite possible that their abuser could be using this to their advantage, timing their attacks with episodes of major memory loss or allowing many days between the last instance of abuse and family visits. Furthermore, due to the fragile nature of many elderly people, bruises and broken bones might not seem out of place with the right story. You’ll have to pay extremely close attention to the details that are given to you, many of which will be emotional. Here are some of the telltale signs of abuse:

  • Change in demeanor: whether a happy person becomes quite sad or withdrawn, or even a normally angry or outspoken person becomes uncharacteristically cheerful or frightened.
  • Consistent bruising: everyone knows that elderly people bruise quite a bit easier than most, but if the bruises are always there, conveniently hidden under clothes, or match the look of hands, fists, or fingers, then you may want to check for other signs of abuse.
  • Desire to not be left alone
  • Fear or flinching when employees, or a certain employee, enters the room

If you have noticed any or all of these symptoms, it’s very likely that your loved one is facing abuse. Your immediate course of action should be to contact the California Adult Protective Services (or in extreme or immediately dangerous cases of abuse, 911); either move your loved one to a temporary, safe location or a new, permanent facility; and finally, contact an attorney. Our team is standing by at (916) 419-1111 to hear from you.

How Much Will my Family Receive in Compensation?

Due to the nature of nursing home abuse, and the unique circumstances that lead to very specific situations, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for determining how much you may be able to receive in compensatory damages. There are some specific damages that the Amerio Law Firm may seek, however. For one, we may try to determine how long the abuse had been occurring and try to seek compensation for the full amount you or your loved one paid in boarding during that time. Next, another large expense that comes out of abuse would be relocation costs, so that’s a second amount to seek. In the worst circumstances, there may be funeral costs to consider. In all situations, you may also seek to be compensated for the pain and suffering your loved one faced while being abused. It’s best to speak with an attorney to receive an accurate estimate of the amount your case is worth.

Contact Amerio Law Firm

With our help, we can put a stop to the abuse that your elder is experiencing, and may be able to prevent others from being victimized as well. We will not rest until your loved one gets the just financial compensation that they are owed, and we will push for the maximum amount of punitive damages possible. You can contact the Amerio Law Firm by calling (916) 419-1111, chatting with us live on our site, or by filling out a contact form today.

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