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Mechanical Defect Attorneys

If you were involved in a truck accident that was caused by mechanical defects in Roseville, you should be aware of the legal rights you qualify for as a victim. If you or someone you cherish has been seriously injured or killed as a result of mechanical malfunctions or mechanical defects, the victim is most likely protected by law. We understand that injuries sustained in a truck accident can be substantial and permanently life-altering. At Amerio Law Firm , we offer free consultations and will thoroughly review the facts of your case and pursue maximum compensation for your injury or your loved one’s death.

truck accidents mechanical defects attorneysThe experienced personal injury attorneys at Amerio Law Firm have provided exceptional legal representation to thousands of truck accident victims in Roseville and all over the state of California. Our attorneys have garnered a national reputation for the results they've been able to achieve on behalf of their clients. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have consistently been named as Top Lawyers in Roseville.

Amerio Law Firm is known throughout the city of Roseville for their aggressive and effective legal representation of truck accident victims who have suffered injuries as a result of mechanical defects. We work hard to ensure the rights of those in Roseville are protected and that justice is pursued. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury from mechanical defects, contact Amerio Law Firm by calling us at (916) 419-1111. At Amerio Law Firm , we charge no fee unless we win.

Why choose Amerio Law Firm to handle my case?

The attorneys at Amerio Law Firm understand that the months following a crash can be overwhelming for victims of truck accidents caused by mechanical defects. You may be wondering; how will I prove that a mechanical defect caused my injuries? Who is responsible for this accident? How will I pay my medical bills? The attorneys at Amerio Law are exceptionally qualified to answer such questions. We are aware of the most common and obscure mechanical defects that can cause a truck accident. We also are experienced in negotiation and fighting on behalf of our clients. Safety-related mechanical malfunctions are almost never the result of a driver’s inattentiveness or negligence. We will work diligently to ensure that your case for mechanical defects is well represented, as we believe your accident should never have occurred in the first place.

At Amerio Law Firm , our attorneys are prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that you are granted maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. As evidenced by our testimonials, we treat our clients with compassion and put forth our best efforts to make the legal process seem easier to navigate. Many clients have expressed appreciation for professionalism, knowledge on complex personal injury law, and consistent and thorough communication.

Having the right firm on your side could determine the outcome of your case. Learning the legal process by yourself can be incredibly difficult. Furthermore, the amount of money you are compensated could vary greatly, depending on the firm you select to handle your case. Choosing a firm who can boast a number of professional honors, including high AVVO ratings and inclusion in lists and associations such as Lawyers of Distinction, is what you’ll get when you choose Amerio Law Firm to handle your truck accident case.

Mechanical Defects Cases We Handle

Our experienced trial attorneys have helped countless people in Northern California secure the compensation they need after a serious accident with a commercial vehicle. We are prepared to help you if you have been involved in a crash caused by mechanical defects including:

  • Defective brakes
  • Steering issues
  • Defective tires
  • Headlight, taillight, and side-light outages
  • Failure of the rear guard

This list is not comprehensive, and we can help you with any accident that may have occurred due to a mechanical failure on a truck, rig, or other commercial vehicle. We know that you never intended for this accident to happen, and if it was caused by a defect, you should not have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other costs associated with the accident. Contact our experienced attorneys at (916) 419-1111 to discuss your case today.

Mechanical Defects Statistics and Facts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes “motor vehicle safety” as:

“The performance of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment in a way that protects the public against unreasonable risk of accidents occurring because of the design, construction, or performance of a motor vehicle, and against unreasonable risk of death or injury in an accident, and includes nonoperational safety of a motor vehicle.”

Some examples of safety defects reported by the NHTSA include: loss of air pressure in brake systems, steering components that result in partial or complete loss of control, defective wheels, “wiring system problems that result in a fire or loss of lighting,” defective air bags, windshield wipers that operate improperly, and “critical vehicle components that break, fall apart or separate from the vehicle, causing potential loss to persons inside or outside the vehicle.” Defects that are not safety-related include cosmetic imperfections, “ordinary wear of equipment” that has been subjected to reasonable inspections, maintained and replacements, and radios or air conditioners that are not functioning as expected. The NHTSA conducts investigations that are comprised of four steps including an initial screening, an analysis of petitions for “defect investigations,” an investigation and finally recall management.

The US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 15,000 tire- and wheel-related crashes in 2015. 10,000 crashes were brake-related, 2,000 were steering, suspension, transmission or engine related, and 17,000 crashes were unknown vehicle-related problems. In total, there were 44,000 vehicle-related critical reasons that caused crashes. The NHTSA reported that there were 322 fatalities involving a large truck 2016.

Contact Amerio Law Firm today

We understand that being involved in a truck accident can be stressful and traumatic. The legal team at Amerio Law Firm is devoted to being more than just attorneys; we hope to be a source of calm and reassurance during this difficult time in your life. We will work tirelessly to win your case as we have no tolerance for accidents that occurred as a result of manufacturer malfunction. We will work together to see that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our legal staff will meticulously research your case and find the party who should be considered at fault for the death of your loved one or for the injuries you have sustained.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury from mechanical defects, contact Amerio Law Firm by calling us at (916) 419-1111. At Amerio Law Firm, we charge no fee unless we win.