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Roseville Uber/Lyft Accident Attorneys

Uber and Lyft have become incredibly popular in the Roseville Area and the rest of California. However, what happens when you suffer injuries in an accident with a rideshare service? Rideshare apps connect passengers to independent drivers, offering a convenient and efficient alternative to public transportation and traditional taxi cabs, but the issue of liability has been murky over the past few years. If you have been injured in an Uber of Lyft accident, call us today to see how we can help.

car uber lyft accident attorneysCalifornia classifies rideshare companies as “transportation network companies” and regulates their operations in the state. Unlike traditional taxi cab companies, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft contract their drivers, so the question of liability is often complex. These companies offer insurance coverage to their drivers, but the terms of liability are very strict and contain numerous disclaimers.

Due to the complexity of these cases, it’s essential to speak with a lawyer if you have been in a rideshare accident.   The attorneys at Amerio Law Firm have decades of experience handling automobile accidents, and we understand the intricacies of Uber and Lyft accident claims.

Our Legal Team has experience in a variety of rideshare accident situations:

  • Accidents in which you are the passenger in an Uber or Lyft
  • Accidents in which an Uber or Lyft hits you (as a non-riding pedestrian, cyclist, etc.)
  • Accidents in which an Uber or Lyft hits your vehicle while you’re parked or driving
  • Injuries and death as a result of ridesharing accident

This new industry is still highly unregulated and requires delicate and deliberate legal methods to effectively secure positive results.  Amerio Law Firm is always committed to working tirelessly for our clients’ legal rights because we always want justice to be served, and we want you to be fairly compensated for your injuries. If you’ve been the victim of an accident caused by a Lyft or Uber driver, we’re the rideshare accident attorneys with the background you can trust and the experience to get the job done for you.  Call us today for your free case evaluation at (916) 419-1111.